I’m from Ufa. For 4 years I worked in a Web Studio called “Rainet” and for 3 years as a freelancer making web-sites, mostly on UMI.CMS. During that time I made couple of modules for UMI.CMS. And here is my profile on Behance with couple of websites made from scratch.

In 2017 I became a Python Developer at SMENA in Ufa. But before that I finished a course on Django in SMENA.SCHOOL. Here is my course project on Django.

In 2018 I moved to Innopolis to get my master degree in Software Engineering where I also learned basics of ML, CV, improved my English. During that time I visited couple of Job interviews. Here are links to succesfully completed test assignments: link one and link two

In 2019 I got a job as a Lead Web Developer at Magnit IT Lab (Python+ReactJS). My achievements:

  • Developed custom Django-like model to connect Oracle’s stored procedures and Django Rest Framework
  • Increased code quality by introduction of code review in process
  • Increased maintainability by refactoring and optimizations both in backend and frontend

In 2020 I received an invitation to a new division of Sberbank called SberAutoTech, where I build microservices on FastAPI (Python) with SQLAlchemy and PostgreSQL.